PMU Partenaire



Operator dedicated to the development of the Common Pool in Africa

PMU Partenaire develops International Commingling Pool in Africa.

PMU Partenaire offers betting on horseracing, sports and other games on every betting devices (internet, mobile, betting terminals ...)

PMU Partenaire adapts its offer to its partner’s needs (public or private operators with all the necessary amenities) from a single system connection up to the provision of terminals or gambling websites.


Horse betting offer

The betting offer on horseracing fits both expert punters and beginners. The Quinté + bet is the flagship bet and offers daily a minimum Jackpot of € 2 million (for a €2 bet).

Depending on the partnership agreement, PMU Partenaire provides for:

Separate pool

The broadcast of horse races and data for the betting.
The partner offers its own range of bets on french races and calculates its own dividends.

Commingling pool

The broadcast of horse races and associated data. Bets registered abroad by the partner are pooled with PMU international pool (35 partners in 19 countries). The partner can propose all or part of the PMU. This offer, ready to use, is right away attractive for punters.


Sports betting offer

A range of sports betting on thousands of events per month on 25 sports.
Live betting on hundreds of events every month.  


PMU Responsible gaming approach

Through its partnerships PMU Partenaire plages to respect and promote, the 6 commitments of the PMU responsible gaming approach and to contribute to social actions in countries where it will be located. 

To ensure a secure supply

To prevent risky behaviour

To ensure the protection of minors

To provide means to control one’s budget

To promote responsible gaming

To guide and support when protection is not enough


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